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Sunnyside Corporation 801G5

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Finally let’s have a look at the specifications of Sunnyside Corporation 801G5

Sunnyside Corporation 801G5, Sunnyside 801G5 Kerosene 5 Gallon is used as a clean burning fuel for kerosene burning appliances such as heaters, stoves and wick-type hurricane lamps and lanterns. Contains pure K-1 grade kerosene. Also used as a light lubricant, rust preventative and solvent for removing oil, grease and tar. Read label carefully before use.

  • For Use As A Solvent For Removing Oil, Grease And Tar
  • Use As A Clean Burning Fuel
  • Pure K-1 Kerosene
  • Used As A Light Lubricant And Rust Preventative
  • Read Label Carefully Before Use
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